B.Smith’s New Lifestyle Being Put On Blast

On January 29th every social media platform came out to riot. No not because President 45 is still in office. It was because lifestyle guru, the grandmother of lifestyle of all lifestyle gurus showed a lifestyle all her fans could not imagine to follow. B.Smith and her husband spoke with Washington Post on their new living arrangement. B.Smith, her husband Dan and his new girlfriend Alex.

The lifestyle guru told the world six years ago she has Alzheimer’s disease. People were shook at the news but saw her husband, Dan Gasby was by her side and most likely admired him for sticking around. Well ladies, he is still around he just now has a relationship on the side to help. Once this lifestyle change came to surface in December the Facebook communities have been lit. Washington Post took the story seriously and took it upon themselves to dive and figure out the dynamic of such arrangement.

Dan, his daughter from a previous relationship, Dana, Alex and B.Smith all live in one home in the Hamptons. Dan has ran it past B but he said, “it doesn’t seem to register.” Looks around for Ashton. Well y’all know the deal social media went off; from Facebook to YouTube people have been outraged at the nonchalant attitude everyone is having. One fan on Facebook commented, “You don’t bring your mistress in the house where your WIFE lives. She’s not dead.” Race was brought in because well Smith is black and Alex is white. Vlogger, Paris Milan said, “She’s having her lifestyle funded by a black woman, and this white woman didn’t have to build a thing with you.

Dan has clapped back at all of the above on social media. He feels people are outraged because they don’t know any better and because they are “racist”. His words not mine. He assures the fans that it’s not the case, “I have been married to a black woman for 26 years. I have a PhD in black love.” Yeah...let us know what you think down below.