Breathtaking #BlackGirlMagic Photo-shoot 

Melanin was on full display in a photo-shoot featuring eleven-year-old models in Washington D.C. The young ladies are signed to MODELS INC modeling agency. The agency has been showcasing young black models since they started in 2006.  MODELS INC posted a picture from the photo-shoot on their Instagram page that showed the ladies looking fabulous in their Kente cloth outfits and natural hair. 

Creative directors Iran Bang Paylor and Aaron Handy spoke to on their inspiration for the photo-shoot.

"When one of the children asked me, 'Does the President like Black people, and is being Black bad?' we were stunned. I immediately replied being Black is bold and divine. So we enforce the teachings to our girls at an early age so that when they're older they will never be able to question their race or culture."

Shout-out to MODELS INC for this photo-shoot that showcased young black girls in such a beautiful way.  It is nice to see a company trying to educate, and share positive messages about black culture to young black people. 


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Photo taken from

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