Botanika Best New Curly Hair Product

When looking for hair products for curly hair it’s always a mission. Even when you find the one product your hair likes, you are always on a mission to find new products. You find yourself thinking there has to be one that’s better out there. You look out for the products that have less chemicals in there, that are organic and natural. As a curly haired person myself, although I have products that work for me I am always on the look-out. Because the truth is there will always be something better on the market for my hair.

This is where this new product Botanika comes into play. The hair care line is made by a Afro-Latina who was raised in New York being fascinated by Botanicas. Botanicas for those who don’t know are spiritual shops. The curly product line consists of an oil serum, deep conditioner, mousse, gel, protein treatment, and two curl creams. Her brand isn’t just about making curly hair popping but also a way for curly haired people to give self love to themselves to appreciate their hair. 

Growing up with curly hair I was always told that it was a mess and how I needed to go to the salon every week to get it done. Once you start going natural it frees you but it’s also scary. So her brand of self love is a good one. The fact that not only do these products work but they incorporate natural ingredients so you know what is going into your hair. Some ingredients used are mango butter, garlic, honey, cocoa, etc. This is a product I would but into my curly hair routine and is one I think everyone should at least try out.