Bling Bling! The Duchess Celebrates Her Riches With A Party

Meghan Markle was always fashionable, but she couldn’t always afford the runway looks that she has been rocking these days. Once upon a time, the Duchess of Sussex used to shop at Zara like the rest of us.

We all love Zara, fashionable and affordable, but now that Ms. Markle is royalty and she is able to afford some high fashion clothing (that cost up to four figures unlike Zara’s clothing), how does the Duchess celebrate her pay to raise? By throwing a party of course!

Meghan Markle holds a "Sayonara Zara" party. A source recently told  Vanity Fair that the party was thrown at her home, Meghan gave away the lower-priced clothes in her closet to her guests.

Ms. Markle is royalty and she must dress the part. She’s doing an amazing job at it and The Duchess threw one heck of a party. I wish I was invited!

Photo taken from E! News

Photo taken from E! News