#BlackHairChallenge Takes Twitter By Storm

Any moment when people are embracing their culture is a moment to be celebrated. Over the years, and in history, African-American/black hair has been considered nappy and ugly. Melanin Mamis, creator of unexpectedmag (A judgement free platform where women can feel empowered, vulnerable, and celebrated), created the hashtag on Twitter #BlackHairChallenge, and it went viral on social media. The hashtag was created to showcase the versatility of American-American/black hair. People posted photos of their hair in Afros, braids, dreadlocks, curly and so many other hairstyles. 


BET spoke to Melanin Mamis, and found out why she decided to create the hashtag. 

"I love seeing women embrace their beauty in and out. #BlackHairChallenge is one of my newest hashtags I've created for our women. As a Black woman myself, I know I'm always changing different hairstyles. Our hair is so versatile and we can slay a numerous amount of hairstyles. It's iconic. So, I decided to dedicate a hashtag to embrace our hair."

African American/black hair has always been a touchy topic in the black community. Many black women have been accused of assimilating with 'white' beauty norms by perming their hair straight. There is a hair movement now and many black women are going back to their natural roots.

 "The responses are expected because Black Girls are LIT, Melanin Mamis said to BET. It definitely gives us Black girls reassurance that we embody Black Girl Magic with anything we do. This hashtag bleeds confidence, support, good vibes and infinite possibilities."