Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Expecting Twins! The Internet Goes Crazy

Beyonce is known for always doing the unexpected and yesterday, February 1 was no exception. She made an announcement on social media about her and Jay-z expecting twins! The internet went crazy! the amount of tweets and reposts of this picture went viral. 


The Queen Bey has done it again, if she's not performing and making headlines she's being a mother and making headline. For example, the Superbowl 50 performance Beyonce used that halftime stage to showcase her political message about racism and police brutality. Her black Black Panther homage performance, was definitely not one to miss everyone kept talking about it. That was the first time she performed her hit single "Formation". 

"Okay, ladies now lets get into formation!"

The internet went crazy yesterday about her announcement. People had a lot to say, they created new memes and some very funny tweets.


This has got to be the funniest meme out there.

This funny tweet by Celeste:

I know for a fact Jay-z and Beyonce will be great parents, look how they raised Blue Ivy. I can't wait to see these twins.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram