Bebe Rexha vs. Designers: Is A Size 8 Too Big?

Award season is upon us. You know what that means...pretty dresses! Yes, fangirl out because I did a little jiggle myself.

Award shows coming up like the Oscars and the Grammys have had the world buzzing. People not only want to see who win those awards, but who wins best dressed. Singer Bebe Rexha did her best last year at the Grammys, but her reign might be cut short due to the lack of cooperating designers.

The starting size for a plus-size model in the fashion industry is a size 8, according to Cosmopolitan. Well if you’re as quick as I think you are then you guessed correctly, Bebe Rexha is a size 8. Ms. Rexha took to her Instagram to explain her frustration. She spoke on the fact that many designers were not willing to deal with Bebe and her body type. She said in a video,

“Then I don’t want to wear your f---ing dresses, 'cause that's crazy. You're saying that all the women in the world that are size 8 and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dresses. To all the people that said that I’m thick and I can't wear [your] dresses, f--- you, I don’t want to wear your f---ing dresses.”

If you are sitting in awe, disappointment or sadness while reading this cheer up. Michael Costello said he’ll come to her rescue and help this Best New Artist nominee look her best on her big night. TMZ caught up with the former Project Runway contestant recently and he told the other designers to “f**k off”. His words not mine. Oh and if Costello sounds familiar it is because he designed for the Queen, Bey that is.