Beauty Hacks That Will Save You A Buck Or Two

We have all been there when the funds just cannot be stretched into the beauty budget. Here are some hacks to get you through those hard times.

1.    Running out of your favorite brow dip? Nothing a little bit of coconut oil or your favorite essential oil can’t fix. Just slowly mix in your oil into your dip till it is at your desired consistency.

2.    When your nails start chipping and there is no nail polish remover near look to your kitchen for answers. A mix of lemon juice and vinegar is powerful enough to remove those chipped nails.

3.    Revive your mascara with contact lens fluid. Yes, contact lens fluid, since it is made of saline and helps with dry, clumpy mascara. 5-7 drops should do the trick, then shake and heat up the mascara flask bottle for no more than 30 seconds.

4.    Chapped lips are honestly never a look. To help with those peeling lips, brush your lips with your toothbrush. Follow up with lip balm and your lips will be back to fabulous. Also, staying hydrated is a major key to healthy skin even the one on your lips.

5.    If you have realized you are suddenly all out of your favorite black eyeliner your mascara can lend you a hand. Mascara is the perfect liquid eyeliner all you need is a small angled brush for application.