Bath Bombs: Self Care In A Package

If you’re anything like me, you just ended a very long and stressful semester at college. When you finish all your final exams and papers you just want to pamper yourself. What better way than a nice relaxing long bath? I like to spruce my baths up to give it a more relaxing and fun atmosphere by using bath bombs. And I’m not the only one, because bath bombs have went from something I discovered through a friend; something I had never heard about. Yet, now they are everywhere.

You can find them everywhere from Target, CVS, and Bath and Body Works. They even have bath bombs catered to kids where you can buy them at stores like Claire’s. You can even make your own bath bombs as long as you know what the ingredients needed are. But as a busy person, nobody got time to be making their own bath bombs. I personally get my bath bombs from LUSH. 

What I personally like about LUSH is that they use all-natural ingredients, and everything is handmade. Their bath bombs are more on the pricey side, I’ve spent anywhere between $6 and $9 for one bath bomb. But in my opinion, they are great, you know all the ingredients going in and where they got their ingredients because they keep that information public. The bath bombs are also bigger and do more beautiful color effects than a normal bath bomb you’d get at Target. Although I do occasionally use drug store bath bombs. They are more affordable and work just as well. But LUSH will always be my go to.