Aww! Demi Lovato Cute Tribute To Her Puppy!

Demi Lovato’s pup died almost four years ago by coyotes. Poor girl! Lovato decides to dedicate her second tattoo to her puppy, Buddy in honor of his death. The dog’s death has still been on her mind and wanted to do something special for her beloved pet. 

The singer got her second tattoo in only a span of a week. (ink ya body!) Lovato shared her tattoo on Instagram, it is a beautiful picture of her dogs face “Buddy was here” written on the bottom. 

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

In 2015, she was devasted and wrote on her Instagram, 

“He was taken away from us way too soon in a tragic accident. “Although, I don’t know why this had to happen, I do know that God only puts us through situations that we can handle, so with that, together we are staying strong.” 

How beautiful, Demi. We know how sad it is to lose a pet! We love you and we’re glad you are honoring Buddy in such a beautiful way.