Attention Ladies! Pants Size Really Doesn't Matter!

It is already hard to buy clothes, and now one woman proves that clothing sizes may be a scam! Plus size beauty blogger Marie Southard Ospina decided to experiment with pants sizing. Ospina went into different stores and tried on around a dozen different pants in size 16 from different brands and designers. The goal of the experiment was to see if the size you are buying is the size you really think it is. Ospina could barely fit into brands like Jessica Simpson, Jones New York, and Calvin Klein. While Liz Claiborne, Forever21 Plus, and Levi's fit Ospina's curves just right. 

Jessica Simpson

Photo taken from Buzzfeed

Photo taken from Buzzfeed

"Just a few more inches... Not even worth the squeeze. Ankles too tight; derriere too loose. Fail" 


Photo taken from Buzzfeed

Photo taken from Buzzfeed

"Hmm. This isn't so bad. I would prefer you in high-waist, BUT you're relatively comfy and soft, and you don't seem to hate contouring to fit my wide hips."

Forever21 Plus

"Ignore the horrendous lighting that is a Forever 21 dressing room. These aren't so bad actually. They fit everywhere they're supposed to. And yet my figure seems to have become far more pear-shaped than usual. Peculiar, indeed."

 Ospina hopes women will stop worrying about their pants size and stop letting it define them. 

"Our obsession with being the "right" size is nonsensical. To try to define a "size" is equatable to trying to define a "color." Much more energy than it's worth. Sure, I had fun trying to squeeze into pants that were far too small. Because once you get into it, it is actually fun. But there are other things that require far more better use of head space."