Ashley Graham Releases Another Swimsuit Collection

When you think about plus size women today you really don’t have to think hard because Ashley Graham should come to your mind easily. The knockout has been around since the early 2000’s, but she turned the world’s head 15 years when she was featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. Within that same year she was featured in the swimsuitsforall #CurvesInBikinis campaign. The following year Ashley and swimsuitsforall released their first collection together. Now three years later and Ashley is back working on what helped her become a plus size star.

The pieces give off nostalgic vibes with the bright colors and 90’s inspired silhouettes. The hair tie, the neons and high cuts, and the fanny packs. I mean those bags are a thing but you know what I mean. Graham showed off the campaign on Instagram giving her 8 million followers something to look forward to during the summer time. She took us down memory lane with her fun in the sun photoshoot and video with a Volkswagon van and a bright smile, roller skates and a retro walkman, topping it off with a pink bug.

Ashley she recalled her childhood and how she enjoyed the 90’s and how designing this collection took her back. She said, “Designing this collection was a trip down memory lane. My mom and I used to rollerblade for miles behind the house that I grew up in. It was definitely my happy place, which inspired me to design these '90s retro suits and shoot this campaign. I'm excited to see proud women of all shapes and sizes hit the boardwalk in these styles.” Swimsuitsforall have been a big help with bringing the plus size community into a bigger spectrum of fashion. The “fatkini” gave the world something to talk about and the plus size something to stand with or in.

Graham spoke on how she was raised and that classifying her size was an afterthought, and to speak on what you want to be and not what you think you are.  “Mom would say, ‘If you call yourself fat, you’re going to be fat, if you say you’re stupid, you’re going to be stupid.’ Knowing we had to watch what we said shaped and moulded me. Women can negatively compete with each other, going ‘Oh, I’m so fat’, or ‘Oh god, my butt’s so big!’” Body positivity has always been a thing, and it is here to stay.