Ashley Graham Cries While Directing An Empowering Photo-shoot

Ashley Graham has been slaying the fashion world with her modeling and sexy body for years now.  She is now sharing her modeling skills with other women. The supermodel directed four different women, with different body types, and ethnicities in an empowering lingerie photo-shoot for Glamour magazine.

The model stripped down into her lingerie as well. She wanted to encourage the other women to show off their bodies for the photo-shoot. Graham also had some encouraging words for the women.

"You know the part that I hate most about my body is my side butt. So you know what I am going to do? I am going to pull my bottoms really high so that my most insecure part is hanging out — and you're going to take your robe off."

As the women get comfortable with Graham, they began to reveal their insecurities with their bodies. Graham reassures the women that everyone has parts of their body that they feel insecure about, and shares her trick for focusing on the parts of herself that she loves.

"I always feel like if I touch the part that's insecure, I look insecure, so I don't ever touch it, but the parts I love I remind myself."

The model was so moved and inspired, by the ladies during the photo-shoot that she broke down in tears.   

"Knowing one thing about yourself. Loving who you are, but then having someone say, "Oh no no we need to retouch that and take that out. That is what is wrong with society," Graham says. "We're not seeing or talking about insecurities that women go through. Then we're shining the light on the perfection of a woman."
"I'm about to cry because am thinking about all the young girls out there that are so insecure with their bodies, and then they're looking at you and saying, 'If she can do it, I can do it,’” Ashley says before giving one of the women a hug."