AOC Will Be In Company With The Bodega Boys

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or AOC for short, has made a splash in the media for not really being in the media at all. While her race in the 2018 Democratic party she became well known for not being seen at all. Critics wrote her off before she even could present herself to the public because they knew nothing about her or her stances on certain social issues. It wasn’t until her win that the world knew who the young representative of New York and what she stood for politically.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on February 13th that she will be hanging with our favorite Bodega Boys on the series premiere of Desus & Mero.

This millennial transitioned from not being known for being known for all the wrong things in a matter of months. Her views sometimes come off wrongfully right because she can occasionally lean onto the right wing. But there has been more good lately since she has pushed the Green New Deal policy, enforcing awareness on climate change and economic inequality.

The New York representative resided in the Bronx during her 2018 campaign so it should not come to anyone’s surprise that she is being featured on a Bronx based show. Desus Nice and Kid Mero will be meeting up with their BX sister in Washington, D.C. to help her feel at home, according to Deadline. Besides her appearance on this upcoming Showtime show, she will be featured in the now Netflix documentary, Knock Down the House. This movie follows the campaigns of Ocasio-Cortez and three progressive female candidates Paula Jean Swearengin (West Virginia), Amy Vilela (Nevada), and Cori Bush (Missouri) — as they compete in 2018’s midterm election.