Amara La Negra Graces Digital Cover of ‘Latina’

Amara La Negra was featured on Latina magazine’s cover for their Spring 2018 digital issue. The Dominican-American artist, who is also an advocate for Afro-Latinos, was honored to be given the opportunity to represent dark skin Latinos. “This is Such a Huge Moment For the #AfroLatino Community,” Amara mentioned on Instagram.

Amara also went as far to put together a collage showing multiple covers of Latina magazine where you can clearly see most featured celebrities were of lighter skin tones. “Representation is Sooo Important,” she says, referring to the representation of the Latino community in the media. People need to see that Latinos are more than JLo and Mario Lopez. We are also Lala Anthony, Zoe Saldana, Miguel,  and of course, Amara La Negra.

For so long, Latinos were thought to look a certain way but celebrities like Amara La Negra, have started to change this perception and break down barriers, representing and giving a voice to the Afro-Latino community.