Alexander Wang And Trojan Partner Up For Pride Weekend

Designer Alexander Wang and the condom brand Trojan have teamed up to create a unique float for Pride parade in New York City. This is not a surprise move for the designer who is among many in the fashion industry to support the LGBTQ Community.

 "I feel this partnership with Trojan was a positive way to reinforce the message of inclusion and promote wellness within the LGBTQ Community. I feel proud to be able to celebrate our differences and remind everyone to 'Protect Your Wang."

While the float makes its way down the streets of NYC during the parade they will be distributing Trojan condoms, T-shirts designed by Wang saying "Protect Your Wang," and temporary Trojan tattoos. With the rise of STDs, this float is a smart and creative way to encourage people to use protection.

Photo taken from Elle

Photo taken from Elle

A brand manager at Trojan, Stephanie Berez, gave her support for the partnership, and why it was important for Trojan to partner up with Wang.

 "Alex has the power to influence many people to make positive choices regarding their sexual health and enhancing their pleasure."

Wang could barely contain his excitement in an interview with Vogue while talking about Pride, and how much he has wanted to participate in the celebration. 

“I’ve wanted to do this for a while. I reached out to Trojan last year and timing-wise we weren’t able to make it work, so this year when it came around I was like, Oh, I’ve got to get back in touch with them. We’ve never been able to participate in a big way with the Pride celebration, especially in New York. I’m probably just going to jump off the float and start dancing on the street out of excitement!