A Royal Wedding Starter Pack

We are a few days away from the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. If you are as excited about it as I am, then you already have planned how you are going to spend the day in honor of the royal wedding.

As an American, the royal family has always intrigued me and a royal wedding is just what I need to satisfy my royal family obsession. I want to share with you the ultimate starter pack that you need to throw a royal wedding viewing party. 


Photo taken from Twitter

Photo taken from Twitter

For women, if you are going to a royal wedding, you'll need a proper hat to complete your look. I would pull out any funky hat so you can feel like you are also a part of the wedding, or if you have a crown lying around then you may want to put that on. Instead of feeling like a guest at the wedding you may want to feel like the bride. 

Alcohol/ Tea

I always like to watch things on TV with a good drink. For a royal wedding, you may want to get something classy like wine or a mimosa. Depending on where you live you may be watching the wedding as early as 4 in the morning. Maybe wine isn't something you want that early. In honor of this very British event, you may want some tea instead.  


With all that wine, or tea you will be drinking you may get a little hungry. While we wait for Megan Markle to walk down the aisle, you may want to get a meal to eat. Since this is a British event, you should get something British. You may try a full English breakfast, which includes eggs, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, and fried bread. 


You may not want to indulge in food and drinks that day. A fun way to keep everyone entertained as you wait for the bride to make her entrance is to play some games. Just pull out those custom Meghan and Harry poker chips and playing cards.

Cardboard Cutout
If you really want to feel the presence of Harry, and his future bride you may want to buy a cardboard cutout of the couple and place it right next to the TV. Now, this is for the hardcore fans, and if you are really serious, you can get this on Amazon.

Hopefully, you are already ready for the royal wedding. You can watch Harry and Meghan's big day on May 19.