A Millennial’s List of Little Pleasures

You always hear people say, “It’s the little things, right?” I mean it totally is. So I’m making a list of all the little things that make me smile and put a bounce in my step. Things that make this quirky, hard working, sometimes basic, millennial woman stop and smell the roses.

The Smell of Roses

This scent always calms me and keeps me present. I’m not sure if my grandma had a perfume that smelled like this but the scent always smelled delightfully familiar to me. Whether it’s roses in my apartment or a good hand lotion – it always makes me happy.

Avocado Toast

When the avocado is perfectly ripe, there are few things more satisfying than avocado toast. With a little lemon juice, olive oil, and pepper flakes on top, a good slice of avocado toast can get me through the day.

A Good Skincare Routine

When you find that perfect combination of products that work for you, you feel like you conquered new land. You have discovered the New World. A job well done.

A Good Morning Text

I think the only thing better than a text goodnight is a text good morning. As much as I pride myself on taking care of myself without a partner, there’s something very special knowing someone is thinking about you when they wake up in the morning. All the feels. <3

That Perfect Lyric

When you hear a song or read a book or a poem that really hits you. And in a split second, you feel understood and validated.

An Actual Candid Photo

When your friend sneaks a pic of you actually laughing and it becomes your new favorite photo and gets the most likes on instagram and you’re like “Wow, I am great aren’t I”?

What would you add to the list?