A Local Brooklyn Beauty Salon Becomes A Safe Haven of Sorts

A local beauty salon based in Bay Ridge Brooklyn is receiving a lot of recognition for not simply its ability to deliver great haircuts. Huda Quhshi is the owner of Le’Jemalik, a beauty salon she has wanted to open since she was just a little girl. After many years of carrying her supplies all around New York City, cutting and dyeing women’s hair in their apartment sinks, Quhshi has finally fulfilled her dream of opening up her own beauty salon to specifically cater to women.

The name of her salon Le’ Jemalik means “for your beauty” in the Arabic language, and that couldn’t be a better fit.

“It’s a place where you can come and feel relaxed, and just have a beautiful experience without worrying that a man is going to walk in,” Quhshi expressed to the Huntington Post.
Photo taken from WPIX-TV

Photo taken from WPIX-TV

Muslim women who choose to wear their hijabs honor a commitment to always be covered in the presence of men with whom they are not related. Quhshi has made her salon a sanctuary for women who wear hijabs because of her commitment to providing them a sort of safe space free of men, so that they may be styled and let their hair down without worrying of a male presence.  Men are allowed to come into the salon, but beyond the double doors, the salon is strictly a women only zone.

“I’ve had women from other faiths tell me that they’re so excited about this space, even though they’re not Muslim. They’re happy to be able to support a woman-run business and come here just because they want to feel comfortable.” Said Quhshi, via the Huntington Post.

Best of luck in the future with your salon Huda! Keep up the fabulous work spreading love and beauty, and acceptance to all.