A Few Tips With Reviving Your Nail Polish

I know you have a bin of old nail polishes hanging around because I have one too. But it is time we take care of that together. Spring is here and it is all about “out with old and in with the new”. We are on a budget though so more like, “freshen up the old so it looks new”.

Reviving our nail polishes is actually super easy. Start off by cleaning off the brush. Now. We are working with nail polish so soap and water are not going to cut it. A small glass filled with acetone works best to swirl your brush in. Swirl the brush until the clumps are completely off. Then, put that acetone soaked brush back into the bottle. The leftover acetone from the brush will help thin out the polish in the bottle.

Every time we are swiping the polish to our nails we let air into its bottle. This air slowly thickens up the polish and causes it to dry up. With the reviving method above, your nail polish will no longer be goopy. However, be mindful that too much acetone will make the polish too thin and make our polishes crack easily.