A Few Inspiring New Year Goals For 2017

Going into every new year, I set out to enter it with high spirits and positivity as I am sure so many others do as well. This year however, I have been struggling to find a source of inspiration and empowerment to pull me out of the ditch that has been 2016.

As I set out on my own mental journey to find my inspiration, I wasn’t sure how to feel empowered for 2017 when the last year has been such a collectively agreed upon disaster. I was looking for something big; something that would turn the whole year around and get me started on a new path to a positive new year.

It turns out, there is no one big fix. Instead, I have stumbled my way across some little things that have helped me to turn my spirits toward the sun. Here are a few pieces of advice I have for anyone who is also struggling to find their “new year, new me” attitude.

Read more inspirational articles. I began following and reading four to five new blogs and websites which post stories to inspire me every day. Reading things other people have written that help them to find their own inspirations have helped me to recognize all the things in my everyday life that keep me going and make me happy.

Three words: puppies and kittens. A few days ago, I went on an Instagram following spree of every cute puppy and kitten pages I could find. (@dogboolove and @catboolove are by far my favorite!) I don’t care what anyone says, a good baby animal picture can brighten anyone’s day and inspire a smile.

Reconnect with old friends. In my post-college age, I’ve been finding it hard being further than five minutes away from my closest friends. Being back home however, has inspired me to reconnect with the people I have lost touch with over the past few years. Having people around who know me and can make me smile, is crucial to my happiness and a positive mindset.

Leave your mark. This is probably the most important thing I’ve done to empower myself. For me, this means creating. From writing to music to painting, nothing feels more productive to me than creating. Feeling like I am putting something out into the world that leaves it better than I found it, even in the smallest of ways, makes me feel more powerful than anything else I could do. Whatever it is for you that gives you that storied sparkle in your eye, go do it now. Nothing is more important.

Physical fitness. Cue the collective groan. Trust me, no one wants to spend time at the gym less than I do. However, making a physical effort to become more motivated works. Who knew? Feeling good physically makes a big difference. Plus, the endorphins doesn't hurt. Thanks for the tip Elle Woods!

Going into 2017, I wanted to do something big that would make me feel empowered to take the new year into my own hands and make it great for myself. What I found out? Go back and read that last sentence. I have the power to make 2017 great for myself. I have the power. And so do you. Find the little things that help you find that power and use them. Every day. The power is yours. What’s more empowering than that?