A Country Run By Women Main Problem: Men 

A country run by women may seem like a dream, but that is the reality in Norway. Women hold all Norway’s four main positions, the prime minister, the finance minister, the foreign minister and the speaker of parliament. There seems to be one thing that has Norway's government worried, and that is male anger. 

Photo taken from Bloomberg

Photo taken from Bloomberg

“The challenge in the Scandinavian countries is not to end up with a large group of young men who have no purpose in life, no hope for a job,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in an interview in Oslo.

At the University of Oslo in Norway, about 57 percent of all PhD students last year were women and there is a risk of men falling behind. This isn’t just a problem in Norway, but for most countries unemployed citizens are male. Even though it may seem like men don't have much power they actually do.  They hold most of the executive positions in major companies, outnumber women in corporate jobs, and get about 7 percent more than women. Even with this there still seems to be many men who are not too happy with women in power. 

“That’s what we see in the angry white men who not only don’t like Muslims and immigrants but absolutely not women either, at least if they can’t keep the woman to themselves,” Solberg said.

Many people took to the Internet to voice their frustrations with male anger in Norway. 

If the future is female how do you think places like America will handle female leaders.