Two Ways To Boost Your Lip Look

There’s nothing that completes your perfect selfie more than the perfect lip whether gloss or matte, the perfect combination application is key. Here are two ways to keep your puckers soft and long lasting.


Exfoliating is so important especially when doing a matte lip, There’s nothing worst than the build of dead skin on your lips. You can make your own with equal parts of coconut oil, sugar and honey. The sugar scrubs away all the dead skin, leaving a fresh new layer. The honey provides nourishment to your pout, and everyone knows coconut oil works wonders regardless of what yours using it for. But with so many varieties and flavors from coffee and honey to even cannabis infused lip scrub it nice staple to have in your make routine. I personally am obsessed with lip scrubs, I use them at least twice a week, sometimes more.

An alternate option is using a toothbrush and Vaseline and scrubbing your lips in a circular motion. I find this method to be a tad harsh on my lips, but for those who want a that flushed red/pink lip look. This is a great option. And the perfect gloss is cherry on top.


Hydration is essential when finalizing any makeup look. It not only helps your lipstick or liner last longer, it keeps your lips smooth and prevents build up. I enjoy the nice sensation of menthol balms because they are not only hydrating but soothing as well during the cold winter months. Having a reliable balm or chap stick helps with keeping your lip look last all day long. Good old fashion Vaseline has always been a classic in most beauty influencer’s kit. Rule of thumb, try stay away from ingredients like petroleum and paragons these ingredients are drying but have been linked to breast cancer.