7 Things Women Worry About Way More Than Men Do

How to Approach The "What Are We" Conversation
If it were up to men, relationships would never have titles. Boy would simply meet girl and girl would never question if this is casual or serious. Women have the burden of wanting to define the relationship and approaching that conversation with their babe. This can be stressful since society tells us not to appear needy and to be "chill." But we don't want to be chill, we want to know if you want us or if you're going to drop us for the next hot babe that walks by. Must be nice to be content in relationship limbo while we stress out over your every move. 

Being Ready To Settle Down And Have Kids
It seems that if women are not in a serious relationship and thinking about marriage by 25, family and friends start to worry over them. After all, our biological clocks are ticking! Men, on the other hand, can stay as single as they want for as long as they want without much pushback from society. He can always find a hot twenty-something down the road, no need to rush him. Unfortunately, women have to explain their choice to be single as if they are on criminal watch. Not fair. 

Saying Sorry Too Much or Not Enough
If we apologize too much, we might be labeled as pushovers and weak damsels. If we never say it, we might come off as rude or snobbish. It's hard to find the balance between being feminine and assertive. Men don't seem to have this problem, since we attribute his apologizing to being kind and his non-apologizing to being strong. Women just want some respect over here. Sorry not sorry.

Making Our Butts Look Poppin'
When was the last time your guy friend asked you, "How does my butt look in these jeans?" Probably never. Because men don't think about it. Women, on the other hand, scour jean aisle after jean aisle to find the perfect pair of jeans that will make our booty pop! We want just the right amount of Kim Kardashian in our step. It's quite a stressful process to find our butt-defining pants, yet men will never know the struggle.

Picking Out A Nail Polish That We Won't Regret All Week
We love to get our nails done, but we always have that life-defining moment of choosing a color. We must choose wisely. If we make the wrong choice, we will be stuck with a color we aren't feeling for an indefinite amount of time. We struggle to choose a color that encompasses how we are feeling. Flirty pink? Empowering red? Relaxed blue? Again, men will never understand the struggle. 

Deciding On The Perfect Pair of Heels
For your best night-out dress, you will need a good pair of heels. It is an adventure full of pain, heartache, thrills, and danger. You will have to find a heel that won't break your ankle on the dance floor, but that will make your legs and booty look amazing. This is harder than men think. We really don't get enough credit. Men, however, will also never understand the thrill of finding and wearing that perfect heel. Sorry boys.

Telling A Guy You're Not Into Him
Men do have to tell women that they aren't into them, but women seem to fret over letting a guy down much more than men fret over letting a girl down. Women are afraid to rebuke men because we don't want any negative backlash. We fear angry outbursts, harassment, and slut-shaming. Men are more scared of tears. To tell a guy you aren't into him requires finesse. Don't be too mean, but don't be too nice. Too nice could mean they don't think your "no thanks" really means no. Too mean and they insult you unnecessarily. It's rough. 

Even though we have to deal with all this worry, it's pretty great being a woman. Let's stop worrying so much and rejoice that we get to have our mani-pedis, find killer heels, and rebuff society's expectations, all while looking cute.