6 Questions A Female Should Ask Herself, After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Has Cheated On Her

After anyone gets their heart crushed by finding out that their significant other has broken their trust by cheating, no one knows what to do next. Being in this position you are in complete shock, denial, disbelief and in lots of pain. Females tend to cry themselves to sleep or pretend everything is okay.

You may feel embarrassed in the beginning and might not want to tell everyone about the break-up or the reason behind it. The million dollar question is, what are you going to do next?  Do you take him back or do you leave him for good? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself, then you will know the answer.

1. Write down the Pros and Cons in the relationship. Are there are more cons?

It may seem silly, sitting on your chair or laying on your bed writing about the good and the bad of your relationship that has now ended. But once you have a clear mind, and you jot down everything on paper, it's easier to see the bigger picture. Does the bad outweigh the good? If you have more bad things to say about him, he has got to GO!

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back!

2. Could you trust this person again if you were to take them back?

Trust and communication are two huge things in a relationship. You can't have one without the other, right? If your boyfriend looses your trust that is a major red flag! Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship.

Trust in a definition: “Trust is a choice to be available, vulnerable and transparent in a relationship, because the person you’re trusting has proven worthy of your partnership through consistency in their honesty, integrity and dependability.”

Stronger trust always creates stronger relationships.

3. Would your happiness be the same, if not then you shouldn't take him back?

Happiness is everything! In any relationship you should be happy no matter what. In a friendship, partnership and in this case relationship. If your boyfriend stops making you happy or stops doing all the things he use to do, that is another red flag.

How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean? - Calvin Harris

4. Taking him back will you turn into a psycho insecure female?

If you decided to take your boyfriend back after he betrayed you, it's not okay, but if you do, please don't change into that "crazy girlfriend" guys always talk about. That's the last thing you want to do. 1- because that's not you, he turned you into this monster 2- you don't want him to try and justify after the fact that's the reason he cheated. Some men like to do the reverse psychology on you and make you feel like the crazy one, when in fact it's not you at all. So ladies please don't turn into "that girl."

What's worse, looking jealous or crazy, jealous or crazy? - Beyonce

5. Is he even worth stressing over?

Does he do right by you in a sense of, pulling out your chair, opening doors for you, sending you good morning texts, paying for dinners, buying you roses and flowers just because, calling you beautiful like it's your first name, plan romantic dates to make you feel special. Being with him does it feel like the honeymoon stage all over again? or do you find yourself arguing all the time, always some sort of misunderstanding, fighting over things that can be avoided. I'm pretty sure after a few months or years you will know if he's worth it or not.

6. Did you two talk about marriage in the past?

If the answer is yes, how DARE he talk about marriage with you then turn around on and cheat on you. That's how you know he was just telling you what you wanted to hear, he was not serious at all. Seriously! no guy in their right mind talks about something so serious as marriage and then cheats on you with another female.

"That was quite a show, very entertaining. But it's over now, go on and take a bow" - Rihanna

I hope this was helpful, be strong if you are going through a breakup. It's not the best feeling :/