4 Brushes To Help You Brush Up On Your Makeup Game

If you’re like me, you’ve probably binged watched your favorite makeup gurus on YouTube apply and remove countless make up looks more than you would like to admit. They go from day time to night on the town looks in a matter of minutes, meanwhile I still can’t get the hang of the perfect winged liner. I always pay attention two things specifically their lighting and makeup brushes. We know good lighting can make or break any selfie and using the wrong brush with the right product can produce an epic fail at creating that final look. I know it can be tricky to determine which brushes are a necessity in your makeup bag and which ones are just well, fluff. Here’s a breakdown of the top 4 must have make up brushes.

Up first we have the liquid foundation brush. Liquid foundation brushes are typically a firmly packed and most contain duo –fiber bristles, allowing the application of liquid foundation to be smooth and give you full coverage. Foundation brushes come in many different varieties such as tapered, stippling rounded and flat top kabuki. Each brush gives you a different level of coverage and requires different application to the face for the best result.

Next we have the powder brush, this brush will be the fluffiest and softest of all the brushes. This brush is usually big and filled with synthetic bristles. The purpose of this brush is to control product placement and keep it moving all over your face. When picking up powders with this brush you always tap off any excess powder to avoid looking cakey.

Third we have the beauty sponge, although it’s not technically a brush it is used like one. The beauty sponge, which is considered the holy grail go-to by beauty influencers, is great for everything from applying liquid foundation and concealer to applying moisturizer and serums. They come in many shapes and sizes, some may be small in size but they are powerful especially when dampened before using. Beauty sponge are great for setting your under eye concealer with translucent powder and helps prevent creasing. Beauty sponges leave you an airbrushed like finish.

Lastly, we have brow brush. Behind every great brow is a great brush, and a threading/waxing lady. Brows are a staple foundation to most makeup looks, whether you like them dark and dramatic or light and feathery, brows help frame your face. According to eyebrowz.com, the ideal eyebrow brush is  a duo with one side having a spoolie to comb wild brow hairs and help blend in products for a more natural look. The other side of the duo brush is filled with either nylon or natural bristles to assist in filling in brows without having them look like you used a magic marker. Depending on the bristles, you can use either a pomade, powder or gel products to get the best finished look.