3 Reasons Why Falling in Love Is Not Easy

Some people take their partner for granted.

We all want to be fought for. Fight for them, tell them how you feel, and tell the world how they make you feel, because that will make them feel like the world. Isn’t that the point? Don’t get comfortable. Keep igniting the passion by showing the other person you care. Don’t let that one amazing person get away because you did not take the effort to show them just how much they mean to you. If you love someone, tell them. If someone has changed your world, tell them. We all want to feel significant in the eyes of people we care about the most.

Others lose themselves.

The greatest mistake we make is getting into a relationship because we are lonely or we think that it will make us happier. Well, I don’t know about you, but when you add one unhappy person + another unhappy person I am certain that does not equal sharing a blissful, amazing life together. We have to understand who we are, and make sure that we are happy being with ourselves before we can expect to be happy with someone else.

Labels terrify people and uncertainty terrifies others.

commitment issues or some ulterior motives keep many beating around the bush of “official.” They’ll avoid discussing or accepting any type of label by any means necessary. As a result, the other person involved is a confused, uncertain guy or gal, often left feeling fearful and uncomfortable, not knowing if that’s the person they’re WITH, or the person they’re with right now. Two scared people doesn’t result in one,