3 Hairstyles You Should Try For Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and you’re anything like me, you struggle to do anything to your hair. You figure all you can do is leave it out, have it in a ponytail or in a bun. There is no judgement here because I am the sam way. I started embracing my curly hair for about a year now and I still have no idea the things I can do to it. That is until now. With the internet at our fingers it’s easy to look up ideas to do with your hair but they all seem so difficult to do, right? Well I’m going to talk about a few hairstyles that look good but you don’t need to be a pro at hair to do.

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One of my favorites that I know of is what me and my friends call a pineapple pony. It’s where you tie your hair into a messy bun but leave the ends out in front. I like this look because not only is it simple it still looks gorgeous and looks like you actually tried to make your hair look nice without actually trying all that hard. My friend pulls this off very often and so I love her hair when its like this.

Another one that seems easily doable yet still looks nice is is the half-bun. Not only does it help keep the baby hairs in check but also looks really cute. It’s one of those I don’t want to do much with my hair but want my hair to look good kind of look. 

Lastly, one that can make you look runway ready, the slicked back pony. Yes you can do a slick back pony with curly hair. It’s a hairstyle that shouldn’t take too long to do but can turn your look from wild and untamable to sleek and chic.