Gwen Stefani Is Revlon's Newest Global Brand Ambassador

It was just announced on Revlon’s Instagram page, that Gwen Stefani is the newest Global Brand Ambassador for the makeup brand.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Stefani gave an interview with Women Wear Daily (WWD) talking about her new gig, fashion and makeup. Before the fame Stefani was actually a makeup artist, telling WWD

"I was a makeup artist when I was in my early twenties at the mall, they never trained me. I worked behind the counter there for Borghese... I'd be like, 'Let me put some makeup on you, let me show you what you could look like.' I just remember making people feel so much joy and so inspired and so full of confidence, and that's what makeup can do." 

The Singer has always been a makeup enthusiast with her red lipstick being apart of her signature look that she will always be remembered for.   

“Gwen will clearly appeal to makeup enthusiasts,” said Benjamin Karsch, Revlon’s chief marketing officer to WWD. “She’s known far and wide for her red lips, so that’s definitely part of the attractiveness as a brand ambassador for Revlon." Karsch also said,

“She’s been a model of female empowerment for many fans across the spectrum,"

which will help her be an ambassador for the brand. Not much has been said on what Stefani will do in her new role as Brand Ambassador.

Hopefully, Stefani will launch her own line of lipstick so we can all have her signature red lip.