10 Year Old Khloe Thompson Helps Village In Ghana Get Clean Water

By eight years old, Khloe Thompson, already started her own charity in her hometown LA. She started her own charity to help homeless people in LA, and now she is taking her charitable efforts to Africa. Now, Thompson, a ten-year-old girl in LA went above and beyond to help people on the other side of the world. Thompson has been traveling around the Untied States inspiring young girls to follow their dreams and help others.   

"I tell them that you can be anything you want to be because nothing can stop you."
Photo taken from Popsugar

Photo taken from Popsugar

The group the Sunday Morning Girls, in Ghana, begged Thompson to visit them after seeing one of her videos inspiring other young girls. While in Ghana, Thompson learned that many school children her age did not have access to clean water. The young girl decided to take action and help the children. The ten-year-old was able to raise $12,000 to build toilets and a water pump for a school in a small village in Ghana called Abidjan Nkwanta. The water pump was built for the school, but it will benefit the whole community. People living in the community can buy water from the school, and all the money the school makes from water will go into maintaining the school's facilities.

Thompson should be an inspiration to as all to help others who are less fortunate.