OliviaDope Presents: Dopechella 

DJ Olivia Dope is the ultimate Brooklyn IT girl! She’s known for Dj’ing at the hottest parties for celebrities such as Lil Kim, Misa Hylton, and Janet Jackson to name a few. Not to mention, she has her hands full as the official DJ for Hip Hop artist, Saweetie. 

Olivia Dope is extremely talented and what we’d at Hellotittie like to call a triple threat—not only does she DJ, but she has a background in performing arts! That’s right this girl can dance! But DJing isn’t her only job, she is also one of the coolest mom out there to her daughter Ava. 

Everything about her is DOPE.

Which brings us to Dopechella, Olivia’s first ever party/dance/music festival that took place at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn, New York this past Thursday. 

Hellotittie was there to capture this experience for all of our readers! Check out what she had to say about it.

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The theme came from Beyonce’s iconic performance at coachella, which was beyond perfect! At the end of the night Olivia Dope gave the crowd the exact dance routine Beyonce did. #DopenessOverload

The headliner of the night was rapper Azia from Hustle in Brooklyn. We got a chance to chat with her about her new single ‘Brooklyn Girl’.

Photo taken from BET

Photo taken from BET

Hellotittie: How does it feel headlining the first Dopechella?

Azia: Headlining the first Dopechella is so dope. I love seeing women do their thing, especially women that look like me. Tonight was a lot of positive vibes.

HT: Can you please tell us about your new single ‘Brooklyn Girl’?'

Azia: YES! So my new single ‘Brooklyn Girl’ is BOMB! It represents everything that Brooklyn has to offer…

The video is out now!

HT: You refer to yourself as the Queen of Brooklyn, what makes you the queen?

Azia: There are lots of Queens in this world and I’m just one of them and I’m the littest one right now (laughs) As time goes on you pass the torch down and at the moment I’m just claiming it.

HT: Who are some of your favorite musicians, at the moment?

Azia: I’ve had the same favorite musicians as a kids. It’s Sade, Lil’ Kim, Daft Punk, Bob Marley. If you’re looking for a trendy answer I love Travis Scott, Kanye West, I love Drake, I like Lil’ Baby and Gunna.

HT: In what ways has your music changed from when you first started?

Azia: WOW! My new music has changed tremendously from my old music. The first project I dropped, had a lot of EDM and a trap vibe to it. Today, I’m really influenced by culture, so anything with Spanish vibes, Haitian vibes, Reggae, R&B and Trap music.

HT: How has Hustle in Brooklyn impacted your music career?

Azia: I’m so thankful for BET. They gave me a shot! They actually reached out to me, I didn’t have to audition for the show. I’m getting more recognition since the show, a lot of people are taking me more seriously now. I’m glad I get to showcase my talent and my personality all at once. That was one thing I was missing in my career, showing people who I am as a person.

HT: What are your goals for 2019?

Azia: I want to be on tour promoting my music, working on my cosmetics line and a hair line. Being bossy like a Brooklyn Girl, you know how we do (laughs)

Some of the photos were provided by Jamel Martin of Jmartinvisuals.