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Chef Marviee

We got a chance to interview Talib Kweli’s personal chef — Chef Marivee. She spoke about her passion for cooking, along with some tips on how to eat clean. Her brunch party took place on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 at the lounge ‘The Anthony.’ Drinks at the event were sponsored by Bartenura, so guests got to enjoy unlimited mimosas! Which is perfect for any brunch party. Guests had four options on the menu; chimichurri steak and eggs, shrimp and grits, grilled chicken or vegan patron sandwich and last but not least pancakes with bacon crusted chicken topped with Marivee’s Granny Smith apple syrup.

If that didn’t make your mouth water enough, then you should definitely check out her Instagram for more shots of her delicious food! Get to know more about Chef Marivee below and book her for your next social event.



Hellotittie: When did you first know cooking was your passion?

Chef Marivee: All my life actually. I grew up in the Bronx and there is no actual real food around, so once I realized I actually had to fend for myself—I told myself, ‘Alright, this is actually the mainstream I want to go into.'

HT: What was the first dish you mastered?

CM: The first dish that I actually mastered…possibly was the shrimp and grits, I want to say, just because it was everyone’s favorite coming to brunch. I never actually had grits—I didn’t know what it was. I’m Dominican actually, so we call it polenta and things of that sort. So, I was just. “what is this?” I actually cooked that.

After that, again, it was just like—this is something I truly love to do, oppose to it just being a day job.   

HT: Name three ingredients you can't live without.

CM: Three ingredients I cannot live without—that is easy. Cilantro—number one for sure! Cilantro, garlic and I want to say oregano.

HT: Who is a better cook men or women?

CM: Come on! They definitely say women belong in the kitchen and [yet] all you do see is men in the kitchen, so we do need to get them out. And actually, run our kitchen, so for that question—women of course! (laughs) 

HT: Are there any foods you just don’t like? 

CM: I don’t like pizza actually…I knowww. I do not like pizza unless I’m making it myself. I don’t usually eat it because its doughy. There’s actually one pizza place in Rockland [New York] that I go to, but yeah, I don’t like pizza [because it is] too doughy—people don’t know how to make the perfect crust. [laughs] 

Photos provided.


HT: What do you most love about your job?  

CM: [What] I love most [is] that I can actually show people how to eat clean without taking everything away from their diet. You can eat the same things you want a regular bias, just modify [them] as well as taking out salt. Just taking out that ingredient in itself can save [you] a ton.

HT: Yeah, but salt gives flavor!

CM: In my dishes, today, I did not use not one bit of salt. All of the dishes [have my] sofrito, which I also put into the gift bags. That’s one way to show, you don’t have to put salt in everything. Also, there are better options of salt—there’s Himalayan salt that is out there, which is obviously better for you oppose[d] to small iodized salt rocks that people are using.

HT: What advice do you have for other women interested in becoming a chef?

CM: Do it! Do it [and] get these men out of the kitchen. As they say, women belong in the kitchen, so let’s reclaim our spot! Go out there and actually live your dream. Don’t allow anyone to say that you’re “too pretty, attractive, [or] you’re a distraction.”

All of that is BS, just go for what you want and you’ll get it.

HT: Can you let our readers/subscribers know where to find more information about you and your craft?

CM: At this current moment, I am building a website, but you can find me on Instagram at @chefmarivee .

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