The Bar and Bakery of your Dreams


BY Stephanie Rollens

Allison Kave is just one half of a dynamic duo based in Brooklyn, NY who are responsible for giving us what we’ve always wanted all in one place; booze, cake and conversation. The bar was opened just three and a half years ago by Allison and her business partner Keavy Landreth, both professional bakers and alcohol enthusiasts. They shared a dream of teaming up to create something different from a traditional bakery, and so Butter & Scotch was born. 

We are so lucky to have caught up with Allison when we stopped by this amazing bar/bakery to talk about her story, the concept of the bar, how they raised $12,000+ for Planned Parenthood last year, and how she and her team work tirelessly to create an inclusive, fun, and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy creative cocktails and decadent desserts at Butter & Scotch.

Make sure to check out her cookbook here, as well as Butter & Scotch’s very own recipe book, written by Allison and Keavy here

Check out our interview below:

We wanted to create a space that is a little bit different than a traditional bakery and satisfy a number of cravings
— Allison Kave