VIP Vega Class

Class starts at 3:00pm sharp

What Should You Bring To This Class? 

We highly recommend bringing products you wish to learn how to use from home. We want you to walk away feeling confident perfecting your canvas! You will receive two exclusive VIP Gift Bags, but please come to class with your personal makeup kit that includes the following:

  • Skincare:

    Arrive with skin prepped prior to class this includes moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm 

  • Makeup:

    Foundation, Color Corrector (if needed), Concealer, Setting Powder, Blush, Bronzer, Contour Powder, Highlighter, Eye Shadow Palette ( neutral shades / mix of matte and shimmer eye shadow), Eye Primer, Mascara, Black or Brown Eyeliner, Brow Pencil, Brow Powder, Lip Gloss or Lipstick, Setting Spray.

  • Tools:

    Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blender or Sponge.

  • Miscellaneous:

    Tissue, Makeup Remover, Cotton Swabs, Pen /Notepad 



Q: VIP Vega Class: do we have to bring our own makeup?

A: Yes, please bring your own makeup. To avoid our guests being allergic from our own products. Guest should bring all their makeup for this class.

Q: VIP Vega Class: I have sensitive skin what should I do? 

A: If you are allergic or sensitive to certain products or ingredients please let us know prior to class. The more you personalize your makeup kit with products that work for you the better! Please do not forget to bring your own products to avoid this.

Q: VIP Vega Class: i noticed in the makeup kits you mentioned a few products that i don’t have, what should i do if i don’t own those?

A: The most important part of this VIP Class is to LEARN and take these techniques with you. Christina will provide product recommendations throughout the class. Take plenty of notes so you can apply this to any makeup items in the future. It’s okay if you don’t have everything, please keep in mind all VIP VEGA guests will have two goodie bags from our sponsors.

Q: VIP Vega Class: How long is the makeup class?

A: The VIP Vega class is 1 hour and 30 mins. This hand-on class will be one you won’t want to miss.

Q: VIP Vega class: what is the flow of the class?

A: Christina will do a live demo on a model. As you observe the technique you will apply on yourself to practice. 

Q: VIP Vega class: what is the makeup look that we will be creating?

A: Natural Glam: A great look that works for both Day & Night! If you are a fan of vibrant colors or a bolder look feel free to bring what you wish, we will try our best to accommodate. 

Q: VIP Vega Class: What will happen if I arrive late to the class?

A: If you arrive late to the class, you will not be allowed to enter until there is a break or when Christina stops speaking. There will be no interruptions during this class. Please arrive on time. Class starts at 3:00pm SHARP.

Q: VIP Vega Class: I wanted to learn something specific but it wasn’t taught in the class. What should I do? 

A: Christina will be available after the session for Q & A and will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Q: VIP Vega Class, What if I’m not interested in learning a certain technique?

A: No worries, feel free to respectfully skip the step and wait for the next available instructions to demo.

Q: What if I am a beginner to Makeup?

A: Hellotittie takes pride in providing a space for women to share their art, we believe that makeup is not only a form of art but allows a woman to feel beautiful. We hope that this Makeup event enhances women’s confidence by allowing women to express themselves through makeup regardless of your experience with makeup.

Q: What’s in the goodie bag?

A: A ton of makeup and beauty products from our sponsors. We connected with over 20 beauty brands. All Hellotittie Beauty Tickets and VIP Vega ticket holders will receive a bag upon entry. Please note not all bags will be the same.

Q: Will drinks Be provided?

A: Yes, drinks will be provided. We have OPEN BAR all night thanks to our sponsors.

Q: When is the last day to purchase tickets online?

A: The last day to purchase your Makeup Mayhem tickets online is Tuesday, July 16th at 11:59 PM.

Q: Can I pay at the door?

A: Yes, you can pay at the door. Unfortunately, you will not receive a goodie bag or raffle ticket, which is why we suggest you purchase your tickets in advance.

Q: What time should the Hellotittie Beauty ticket and general public arrive?

A: Hellotittie Beauty and General Public ticket holders should arrive at 4:30pm right after the VIP class has ended.

Q: What is the address to makeup mayhem?

A: The event takes place at 258 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206.

Q: Is the venue accessible to disabled patrons?

A: The venue is not accessible to disabled patrons. The venue does not have an elevator, so each person will have to walk one flight of stairs to the 2nd floor where the beauty event is being held.

Q: How old do I have to be to attend makeup mayhem?

A: Since there will be alcohol at this event, you must be 21 and older to attend. There are absolutely no children allowed at this event. Hellotittie nor the loft will be liable for children getting hurt or being around alcohol.

Q: Do you ever have any influencer collaborations/partnerships?

A: Yes, we do! If you would like to be considered, please click here to submit with subject line: Influencer Beauty Inquiry

Q: I LOVED my experience and I want to share it with the world. Any ideas?

We're so happy that you joined us for Makeup Mayhem and that you had an amazing time We take great pride in our work. If you’re interested in sharing your experience, please do so on our Facebook page. We also LOVE when people share pics + videos via social media! Tag our @hellotittie

Still have additional questions?

No problem, click here to submit all additional questions.

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