• Feminist – Embrace and highlight women empowerment. Not superior or inferior to men, but equal.
  • Philanthropist – Gives donations to female charities/organizations, with a worthy cause or a relatable message.
  • Girl Power – An attitude of confidence and independence. Females sticking together.
  • Unapologetic – Not acknowledging or expressing regrets.
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Hellotittie is a women empowerment brand that focuses on inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs who have a dream but are afraid to achieve it. We help them gain confidence! We also uplift our readers with some of the blog posts we write in our blog 'Girl Talk' or the quotes we tweet on Twitter.

Giving back to the community is essential to us. We work closely with a charity in the Bronx called 'Good Council', a group home for women who don't have the funds to live on their own. The events we coordinate and philanthropy work we do always ties back to that charity. 

Our vision: When women support each other, incredible things happen.