We're back and better than ever!

For our 2nd Annual 2018 'Creative Chicks' we've decided 6 artists wasn't enough--we needed 12! So we contacted 12 female artists, gave out more giveaways and tons of surprises for our guests. 

What is Creative Chicks? Creative Chicks is an art event catered to women artists, giving them a platform to showcase their artwork while networking and enjoying great company. This year actress and icon Whoopi Goldberg showed up and purchased a lot of art!

The proceeds from this event has been donated to She’s the First, a charity that is fighting gender inequality through education.

But wait there’s more! Don’t forget about our photo-booth area where guest had tons of interactive fun, there they found a pool filled with titties stress ball and tittie beach balls surrounding it. As well as, our open bar and tittie cupcakes provided by our sponsors!

Below is a video recap of our 2nd Annual Creative Chicks. Enjoy ;)

2nd Annual creative chicks Art exhibition

Below is one piece of artwork from each artist that participated in our 2nd Annual 2018 'Creative Chicks'! If you'd like to know more about these artists please contact us.



Thank you to our sponsors!

This year we raffled nail polish, cosmetics, hair care products, feminists’ products and skin care products all from our sponsors.